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Proper Gear, Good Habits will help you Enjoy the Outdoors this Winter!

We carry the best and latest gear to keep you running throughout the winter. We know that you can still enjoy the luxuries of running outside even during the dark and cold winter. Treadmill running is mentally demanding. Yet, running outside in the winter is not only achievable, but more invigorating and healthy. Here are some tips that will help: Receive our newsletter for updates on gear, tips and advice, events, sales and more!

The Fears of Winter Running

  • Visibility:
    • Small, comfortable, and really bright lights are available that can be seen for miles.
    • Adjustable reflector vests light up the entire sky when headlights reflect off of it.
    • Almost all apparel and shoes have highly effective and strategically placed reflective material.
  • Cold Temperatures:
    • Quality, long lasting apparel makes a huge difference.
    • Fleece lined leg tights are the warmest.
      • Men, enjoy the benefits of fleece lined wind briefs!
    • Utilize a 3-Layer System above the waist: Base, Thermal, and Protection.
    • Wind mitts are warmest.
  • Safety:
    • Carry a NEBO light with a protection mechanism.
    • Pepper spray is a great deterrent.
    • Road ID for identification purposes.
    • Gain traction on snow and ice with YakTrax!

Establish a Habit:

  • Preparation - Prepare your running clothes the night before your morning workout.
  • Accountability - Establish times to meet with friends and go for a run with them. You could also join a club!
  • Get outside! - Your body has to generate heat. You will feel cozy within 5 to 10 minutes starting espcecially with the proper gear.


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