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Bold in the Cold

Three Reasons to Love Winter Running

That time of year is rolling around in Indiana. The pristine and beautiful fall passes by in a flash of color, and we are left with sidewalk salt, potholes, and something called a polar vortex. As the mercury plunges in thermometers statewide, so can our motivation to lace up the sneakers and head out into it all.

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Many runners view this time of year as an off-season, or dust off the treadmill in their basement to log a few begrudging miles. But we love to run, and as runners we live to push limits. With the right gear, and the right state of mind, you can keep doing what you love. Here are three reasons to be bold in the cold:

1. It may be your only chance to get outside.

Chances are your outdoor activity in the winter is limited to the trek to and from your frigid vehicle. With arctic chills, and a sun that never seems to come all the way out, motivation dips along with your vitamin D levels. If you’re a sufferer of the seasonal blues, throw on those running tights, strap on your Yaktrax zip up your thermal jacket and break a sweat. The roads are always open, after all.

2. Running in a winter wonderland.

Exploration is an integral part to the sport of running. Never is your power of observation quite as keen as during a distance run. That street in your neighborhood you never knew existed could become a favorite stretch of your next loop. Running in the light fluffy snowflakes, or through unspoiled snow offers a radical change of scenery you won’t get any other time of year. Turn around when you reach your door, and your footprints in the snow will show you exactly what you’ve accomplished.

3. With the right gear, it’s really just not as bad as you think.

Many runners I talk to throw in the towel before even giving the winter run a shot. I tell them that while the first mile will always feel a little nippy, with the right thermal, moisture wicking gear, you’ll be a furnace in no time. Remembering those muggy summer runs will help you appreciate that cold breeze. Go ahead and slip into those merino wool-running socks, throw some wood on the motivation fire, and head into the great white yonder, you will be glad you did.

Noah Droddy
Runners Forum Fishers- Manager




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