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Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Woman Post-marathon recoveryAvoid the post-marathon blues, soreness and sickness by recovering properly. Here are some helpful and essential tips:

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Immediately After your Marathon:

  • Take the Space Blanket: Even if it is warm outside, you will probably be very cold shortly after you finish. It’s important to stay warm.
  • Keep Moving: Walk around slowly in order to cool down properly. Sitting immediately after is never a good idea.
  • Drink and Snack lightly: Eat a little, drink a little. You need calories to refuel depleted muscles. But be careful not to eat too fast as your stomach may not be ready for heavy loads just yet.
  • Massage: If there is a massage table or tent, head directly for it. It’s a great and gentle way to help sore muscles relax.
  • Have Dry Clothes: Make sure you have your dry clothes ready in your bag. This will make you feel comfortable and insure you are dry.

Rest of the Day:

  • Compression Socks: Once you sit down for the ride home, be sure to use compression socks to help increase blood flow and boost the recovery process.
  • Take an Cool Bath/Shower or use Epsom Salts: A nice cool shower, bath, or a bath with Epsom Salts will help relieve sore or achy muscles and joints.
  • Eat Well: Eat a high carb and protein meal to restore much needed energy.
  • Go to Bed: It is important that you get a great nights rest.

The Next Two Weeks:

  • Stay Active and Stay Loose: If you can, go for a very light and short walk or do some very light cross-training 10 to 15 minutes maximum, the day after. It’s important to keep the muscles loose. Avoid rigorous activities and stretching.
  • Eat Well: Eat a balanced diet.
  • Rest Often: Get good sleep and take naps as often as you can.
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