Smitty's Tips for a Great Mini Marathon!

3 or More Days Beforehand:

  • Review and visualize the course.  Note landmarks and things to look forward to!

  • Do you know where you plan to park and how to get there?  40,000 people are going to the same event as you!

2 Days Before the Event:

  • Increase your hydration and begin carbo-loading.

  • Take a training rest day.  Conserve your energy for the Mini!

  • Pick up your race packet.  Packet pickup is from 4-8pm.

  • Get a good night of sleep.  Tonight's sleep is even more important than the day before the event!

1 Day Before the Event:

  • Continue hydrating well and consuming an increased amount of carbohydrates.  Avoid alcohol.

  • Do not experiment with new foods, drinks, clothing, etc.  Use what worked throughout your training.

  • Walk or run an easy 2-3 miles.  This will prepare your body for tomorrow and help you relax.

  • Pick up your race packet early!  Packet pickup is open from 10am-9pm.

  • Layout or pack all of tomorrow's essential items (Bib#, Race-bib Belt, Body Glide, Nutrition, etc.).

Mini Marathon Morning:

  • Breakfast - Eat what you've always eaten throughout your training.

  • Arrive early!  Allow plenty of time for traffic, parking, warm-up, visiting with friends and finding your correct starting corral!

  • Warm up.  Do some light jogging or walking to get your heart rate up and ready for the start.

  • Visualize Your Race.  What is your goal pace?  Where will you see friends and family on the course?

The Mini Marathon Start:

  • Start slowly!  Your first mile will be faster than you think.  With 13.1 miles to cover, you'll finish faster if you start slower.

  • Drink early and often!  Hydration and energy replenishment is important for a half-marathon.  Consume calories (Gel, banana, Gatorade, etc.) every 45 minutes.

  • Listen to your body.  If you've gone out too fast, slow down and regroup your breathing.

  • Stay alert!  Be aware of potholes, grates, rocks and cones on the course.

  • Tangents.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  The course was measured this way!

At the Finish:

  • Smile!  Everything you have trained for is complete!  Great job!

  • Refuel.  The Runners Forum tent in the finishers' area is stocked full of food and refreshments for you!   

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