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Good Form Running

Good Form Running has helped to transform what most people thought running was into something radically different...and better! Below is just a taste of what some people have had to say about the experience with our Good Form Running clinic.


To find a Good Form Running class at a convenient location and time, CLICK HERE, to view our event calendar.


Good Form RunningTestimonials

"This clinic was very encouraging for me. Still working on increasing my step count, but it's getting easier and I'm going faster and farther!" - Tracy

"GFR made running fun for me." - Matthew N.

"It helped me tremendously! Thanks!" - Deanna M.

"GFR helped me become a better, more efficient runner...Thank You!!!!" - Hans A.

"This is a must!" - Scott T.

"GFR changed my life. I highly recommend." - Matthew N. (again!)

"I was in one of your GFR classes about a month ago. I was the older guy in the group of three that showed up at Fishers when the class was at Carmel and you were so kind to put on the class for us. I headed home that night and stopped on the eastside of Indy and did 8 miles using the GFR method. Got done and felt like I could go 8 more. New aches on some old muscles for sure but have been using the GFR since and loving it. I feel like I can go further and am not as tired. I even feel some acceleration up some small hills, never felt that before. Recently I've been speeding it up even and have been pleased with my progress. Been doing tris since back in the 80's and have never come home with any hardware. At the Tri-Indy I placed 2nd in my age group and had cut off 13 minutes from two years ago and brought home an award. It has me motivated more than ever now." - Kevin S.

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