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Fit Philosophy

At the Runners Forum, our fit philosophy extends beyond choosing the right size. Although size is important, we also understand the importance of offering the right item to match our customer's specific need. Whether its shoes, apparel, swimwear, wetsuits, nutrition or accessories, the team at the Runners Forum knows the features and benefits of the products and will help you select the item that is best suited for you.


Gait Analysis and Shoe Fit

The Runners Forum helped to pioneer gait analysis. When we started in 1978, product selection and the concept of a customized fit were in their infancy. We were the first in Indiana to offer gait analysis as part of the shoe fitting process!

Quite simply, gait analysis is the process of assessing a person's bio-mechanics while they walk or run. Through our decades of experience, we have found that the most accurate assessment of a person's gait occurs when they run on a natural surface, as you would be running outdoors.

Our experience enables us to accurately and quickly assess each customer's gait in real time. Our entire staff of participant athletes is trained in the gait analysis techniques that we have developed over the past 30 years.

In addition to your bio-mechanics, the Runners Forum staff takes into account the characteristics of your foot and the shape of your arch. Using this information, we will match you up to the right brands and shoe models for your specific needs. Our shoe inventory ranges from youth 1-6 and adult 5AA - 16EEEE.

The fitting process includes testing out different shoes so that we can see exactly how they match up to your specific requirements. Our experience and selection of the industry's leading brands ensures that your shoes will be optimally fit to meet your specific needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Fit and sizing are an important consideration in the sport of swimming too.  Whether it’s choosing the right goggles to fit the characteristics of your face, the correct size swim paddles to strengthen your swim stroke or the optimal wetsuit to fit your body, the Runners Forum has experienced swimmers on staff to assist you with all of your pool and open water swimming needs.

The Runners Forum stocks a wide selection of the leading brands of men’s and women’s swimwear and accessories.   We have Indiana’s widest selection of wetsuits to ensure that you’ll get the best fitting suit for your body’s characteristics.  “Try before you buy” with our rental program and the rental fee can be applied toward the purchase of a wetsuit!

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