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Bicycle Repair and Maintenance :: Bike Fitting Services :: Aerocat

Located inside the Runners Forum, is where you will find the essential equipment for endurance athletes and a trustworthy mechanic for all of your bicycle repairs.

Our mechanic, John Betzold "JB", has more than 20 years experience and has been certified by both USA Cycling and USA Triathlon.  JB has been selected as a mechanic for some amazing events including:

  • Good Will Games (1990)
  • Pan American Games (1991)
  • Pre-Olympic Events (Barcelona 1991)
  • Triathlon World Championships (1992-2005)
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Bicycle Repair and Maintenance


Drive Train Clean - $19.95

  • Cleaning of the drive train (cassette, chain, etc.)
  • A complete wipe-down of the frame

Bike Tune-Up - $44.95

This 8-Step tune-up will adjust your:

  • Derailleur
  • Brakes
  • Hubs
  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket tension
  • True wheels
  • Inflate tires
  • Frame wipe-down

Bike Overhaul - $139.95

  • Removes all components
  • Clean and degrease components and bicycle frame
  • Install new cables, housing and handlebar tape
  • Re-install and adjust all components
  • Tension and true wheels
  • Wax frame and fork
  • Visual safety inspection
  • Inflate tires

Bike Fitting Services


Benefits of a Bike Fitting:

  • Improved power output
  • Increased pedaling efficiency
  • Maximize aerodynamics and overall comfort
What We Determine For You:
  • Proper frame geometry
  • Saddle height and fore/aft position
  • Stem length and degree of rise
  • Bar width, reach and style
  • Aerobar position (if applicable)
  • Crank arm length
  • Pedal/cleat position

A properly fit bicycle is important for comfort, performance and safety. We can provide you with a precise fit whether you are buying a new bike or looking to improve your position on your current bicycle. Of course, when you buy a new bicycle at the Runners Forum, we provide a FREE bike fit. Contact us today to schedule a bike fitting!

Only $75.00!

JB Working on a bike fit Bike Mechanic Bike Mechanic Bike Mechanic


Aerocat T605When it comes to bike fit and selection, we’ve partnered with Aerocat, an Indiana based bicycle manufacturer with a select line of performance oriented bicycles. Aerocat delivers top quality and performance at a more competitive price than that of other mass marketed brands. It’s this “close to home” relationship that enables customers to get a customized fit as well as a bicycle that is built with the specific components of their choice.

Bike Repair a la carte Bike Service

The Runners Forum can perform any needed bike repairs to help you get back on the road!

Free Bike Fit with a Purchase of an Aerocat Bike!

Our goal is to have you riding strong and comfortably from the moment you put on your helmet. That's why we offer a FREE bike fit with a purchase of a bike at The Runners Forum!


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