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Homemade Recovery Smoothies

from Nutrion and Wellness Solutions by Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD

Regardless of training regimen, weekly mileage or race goals, a common question from athletes is “What is the best thing to eat for recovery?” This question is closely followed by “What can I make that is quick and easy?” The answer to both of these questions is homemade smoothies! Many athletes think a recovery beverage needs to come in the form of a powder or bottled drink. I’d like to encourage you to consider making your recovery beverages solely from whole food products. The result will be a delicious, nutritious and inexpensive way to recover fully from your workouts.


EASY! One of the best things about smoothies is that they are very easy to prepare. A traditional blender, Ninja, Magic Bullet or Vitamix will make excellent recovery shakes. Making a smoothie is as simple as adding all the ingredients, blending for a short time, and then pouring the shake into your favorite glass.


DELICIOUS! Many smoothies are made with fruits, which make them sweet and delicious! However, smoothie recipes can be developed to cater to your taste preferences. Experiment with different kinds of ingredients to discover the most scrumptious concoction for you. At the end of this article, you will find two of my favorite smoothie recipes that are nutritionally ideal as recovery beverages. I have also been enjoying lots of green smoothies – shakes made with something green such as spinach, kale or swiss chard. Check out for tons of great recipes!


NUTRITIOUS! Homemade smoothies can be extremely nutritious. Based on the ingredients added, these refreshing beverages can also provide the nutrition building blocks for quick recovery from workouts.


Consider adding the following types of ingredients:

1.) Fluids – fluid lost through sweat needs to be replaced after a workout. Water, coconut water, 100% juice and a variety of milks will help supply fluid and other nutrients.

2.) Fruits – carbohydrates are needed to restock hungry muscles with glycogen after workouts. Whole fruits and 100% juices provide this needed nutrient as well as many vitamins and phytochemicals.

3.) Vegetables – packed with antioxidants, vegetables will provide a nutrition boost to your smoothies. Leafy greens, beets, pumpkin and even sweet potatoes can be used in smoothies. Refer to the website for ideas on how to add these items to recovery shakes in a delicious way.


4.) Protein Sources – protein aids in muscle recovery after exercise. Consider adding dairy products, soy milk, nuts or seeds to your smoothies for a protein punch.

Have fun enjoying easy, delicious and nutritious smoothies for recovery!


Chocolate Banana Shake

1-2 cups skim milk (or another milk of your choice)

1 banana (frozen)

2 T. almond butter

2 T. cocoa powder

Blend and enjoy!




Greek Yogurt Shake

1-2 cups skim milk (or another milk of your choice)

1 banana

6 oz low-fat greek yogurt, fruit-flavored

1 cup frozen strawberries

Blend and enjoy!



If you are interested in developing a personalized nutrition plan, contact Heather Fink to schedule an appointment:
Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD
Nutrition and Wellness Solutions, LLC
Learn more about Heather on her website:

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