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Ask the Experts!

We value the advice of experts in the health profession. From time to time, we ask them to share with us their insight on popular questions that are asked from us. Do you have a question? Email us:


The Experts

Heather Fink - Health and Wellness Solutions Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD
Nutrition and Wellness Solutions
For 15 years, Heather has been providing nutrition, fitness and wellness programming to individuals, corporations and athletic teams From an endurance standpoint, Heather has worked with beginner through elite athletes who are participating in events ranging from 5Ks and sprint triathlons through marathons, Ironman’s, and ultra-endurance cycling events. She has written two books: the "Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathon Training" and "Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition." She has earned a degree in Dietetics as well as a Master of Science in Kinesiology. Since college, Heather has enjoyed swimming, biking, and running. She also earned a gold and silver medal at the World Championships for duathlon. Read more about Heather here!


Force Barbell Coach Matt Ebersole  
As head coach of Personal Best Training, Matt leads a large group of runners and triatletes on a path to reaching their goals. From elite athletes to the average age grouper, Matt will help you accomplish your own personal goals. Learn more about Personal Best Training here!
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